Demonstrate the Clinical and Economic Impact of Innovation

Payers, clinicians, regulators, and investors are increasingly assessing the value of drugs, devices, and diagnostics in terms of their outcomes, both clinical and economic. 888棋牌在线 works with technology and service innovators to develop robust health economic analysis and value communication tools that deliver success in an environment where proving clinical and economic value to payers and providers is essential for success.

Our team is multi-disciplinary and compromised of seasoned researchers, reimbursement specialists, and business development leaders who integrate the many facets of healthcare into research design and analysis. We proactively and seamlessly work with clients to anticipate the market needs and uses of study results so they can develop and capitalize on a comprehensive and integrated research value communication approach.


  • Literature Review and Burden of Illness Analysis
  • Health Economic Modeling
  • Value Message Prioritization and Value Dossier Development
  • Publication Support
  • Payer Advisory Boards and Consensus Panels
  • Time and Motion Studies
  • Claims Data Analysis

Case Studies

Health Economic Analysis and Publication Support for Specialty Drug

Health Economic Analysis and Publication Support for Specialty Drug

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