Anticipate Market Evolution to Create Sustained Value

Today’s pharmaceutical and medical technology M&A environment is extremely competitive. Companies must be able to move quickly to identify opportunities, evaluate them, and close transactions that will drive real growth. Our M&A practice works with biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic innovators to help them achieve an edge over their competition. Our expertise goes well beyond sophisticated financial modeling and is built on the realities of payer coverage and pricing in a value-based healthcare environment. Building on our global market access expertise in a a range of clinical areas, and our comprehensive approach to strategic market assessment, BHA identifies and prioritizes opportunities, delineates evidence gaps and reimbursement challenges, offering clients a much clearer picture of transaction opportunities and risks.


  • Market and M&A Landscape
  • Commercial Due Diligence

Case Studies

US Market Landscape Assessment: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Radiology

US Market Landscape Assessment - AI in Radiology

Due Diligence: Evidence Development and Expanded Use of Cardiovascular Implant

Due Diligence - Evidence Development and Expanded Use of Cardiovascular Implant

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